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Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP)


Built up in July 1, 1992, RMP has a locale of 203 sq km for 20,10,020 individuals, covering Rajshahi City Corporation, Katakhlai and Nowhata districts, parts of Horian, Parila, Horipur, Damkura, Borogachi unions under Poba upazila.

RMP Commissioner is administering 5 RMP offices 1 headquarter, 2 wrongdoing division (east & west), 1 CTSB, 1 Riot Police Department. Additionally, there are 4 police headquarters, 12 police posts and 3 police boxes under RMP. The police headquarters are Boalia model, Rajpara, Motihar and Shahmokhdum.


  • The Penal Code, 1860
  • The Police Act, 1861
  • The Evidence Act, 1872
  • The Arms Act, 1878
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898
  • The Special Powers Act, 1974
  • The Police Officers (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 1976
  • The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983
  • মাদকদ্রব্য নিয়ন্ত্রণ আইন, ১৯৯০
  • রাজশাহী মহানগরী পুলিশ আইন, ১৯৯২
  • নারী শিশু নির্যাতন দমন আইন, ২০০০
  • আইন-শৃঙ্খলা বিঘ্নকারী অপরাধ (দ্রুত বিচার) আইন, ২০০২
  • দ্রুত বিচার ট্রাইব্যুনাল আইন, ২০০২
  • তথ্য যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি আইন, ২০০৬
  • মোবাইল কোর্ট আইন, ২০০৯
  • মানব পাচার প্রতিরোধ দমন আইন, ২০১২
  • মানিলন্ডারিং প্রতিরোধ আইন, ২০১২
  • সন্ত্রাস বিরোধী (সংশোধন) আইন, ২০১২
  • পর্নোগ্রাফি নিয়ন্ত্রণ আইন, ২০১২
  • নির্যাতন এবং হেফাজতে মৃত্যু (নিবারণ) আইন, ২০১৩


Rajshahi Rang

Rajshai Range involves 8 regions Rajshai, Chapainawabganj, Natore, Naogaon, Pabna, Sirajganj, Bogra and Joypurhat. Another unit is Range store Force (RRF).

Rajshahi District:

Rajshahi is one of the antiquated area of Bangladesh.It is arranged on the bank of waterway Padma which seperates the scenes of India and Bangladesh.The region Rajshahi initiated on as regulatory unit in 1772 taking into account the jamindary of Rajshahi.Rajshahi region police is made out of 9 thanas and 5 examination focuses. The police headquarters are Poba, Godabari, Tanore, Mohonpur, Puthia, Baghmara, Durgapur, Charghat and Bagha. Faculty of Rajshahi locale police has a brilliant history of patriotism in 1971. The Rajshahi area police guarded the Pakistan armed force at 27 March 1971 with their light arms at the earliest reference point of freedom war. All out 18 police work force set out their lives in this war. The then DIG Mamun Mahmud of Rajshahi extent and SP Shah Abdul Mazid turned into the first focus of Pakistan armed force and relinquished their lives for their homeland at the absolute starting point of freedom war in 1971.

Chapainawabganj District:

Built up in 1984 in the northern joint of Bangladesh, Chapainawabganj area is under Rajshahi division. When the area was under the guideline of Gour ruler and the verifiable Sona mosque, Tohakhana and the cemetery of Captain Bir Srestho Mohiuddin Jahangir are situated here. This locale has an area port furthermore surely understood for mango, silk and Gomvira, a conventional society melody. There are two circle workplaces, five police headquarters, and a police out post, two examination focuses and a police weigh post in this area. The police headquarters are Nababganj, Shibganj, Gomostapur, Nachol and Volahat.

Natore District:

Narore area is arranged on the north-west side of Bangladesh in Rajshahi division. It was the Headquarter of Rajshahi locale from 1769-1825. It was announced as region in 1984. The aggregate territory of this locale is 1896.05 sq km. The workplace of Superintendent of Police is arranged at Hazra Natore of sadar Thana. There are seven police headquarters Natore Sadar, Singra, Baghatipara, Noldangha, Boraigram, Gurudaspur and Lalpur under two Circles Natore and Boraigram. There are two examination focuses and two police stations in this area.

Naogaon District:

Naogaon locale police has begun working in 1984. Covering a zone of 3435.67 sq km, Naogaon is famous for some visitor spots including Sumpur Bihar and Rabindra Kachari at Parishar.The locale police has 11 police headquarters, three circles, three police stations, one examination focus and one police camp. The police headquarters are Naogaon sadar, Raninagar, Atraei, Bodolgasi, Mohadevpur, Niamotpur, Manda, Potnitola, Dhamuirhat, Sapahar and Porsha.

Bogra District:

Bogra is one of the most seasoned towns in northern Bangladesh under Rajshahi Division. The range of the town is more or less 71.56 sq km and it speaks the truth 10 km far from Mahasthangarh - the soonest capital city of Bangladesh, once known as Pundravardhana. Bogra locale police contains office of the Superintendent of Police, two circle ASP workplaces, twelve police headquarters, one region analyst branch, four police examination focuses, ten stations and one In-administration preparing focus. The police headquarters are Bogra sadar,Shibganj, Shonatola, Gabtoli, Shariakandi, Dhunot, Sherpur, Nandigram, Adamdighi, Dhubcharia, Kahalu and Shahjahanpur. The formal adventure of Bogra area police started with the joining of Major William Whiler Home as the first SP on 12.01.1875. Amid the British guideline 25 SPs served here and amid the Pakistani principle another 21 SPs served in Bogra. Mr. SM Awlad Hossain, ppm, functioned as the first SP of autonomous Bangladesh. Bogra locale police assumed a sublime part in the freedom War 1971. A stage named "Masir Uddin Mancha" has been set up in recognition of the police individuals who set out their lives in 1971.

Pabna District:

Pabna is an area in north-western piece of Bangladesh. It is the southernmost region of Rajshahi division having a region of 2,371.50 sqkm, under 9 upazillas. Bangladesh mental Hospital, Pabna is an eminent healing center in Bangladesh close to Pabna fundamental town. It has 11 police headquarters, 7 police stations, 8 camps and 4 police examination focuses. The Police stations are Pabna, Eshordi, Atghoria, Chatmohor, Vhangura, Faridpur, Sujanagor, Bera, Shathia, Ataeikula and Aminpur. In 1971, Pabna region police was the first to dissent against the Pakistan occupation Army. An aggregate of 34 individuals from Pabna region police yielded their lives in their battle against Pak armed force in 1971.

Sirajganj District:

Sirajganj, a some piece of Rajshahi division and having 2497.92 sqkm territory, was set up in 1984 and it is encompassed by Bogra locale on the North, Tangail and Jamalpur areas on the west. The workplace of locale Superintendent of Police super is arranged at Ambagan in Sadar Thana. There are 12 police headquarters here: 1) Sirajganj Sadar 2) Belkuchi 3) Chauhali 4) Kamarkand 5) Kazipur 6) Raiganj 7) Shahjadpur 8) Tarash 9) Ullapara 10) Enayetpur 11) Salanga 12) Bangabandhu Setu West. The area has 3 police circles: Sirajganj, Shahjadpur and Raiganj, 4 police stations and 2 police camps.

Joypurhat District:

Arranged on the north-western area of Bangladesh, Joypurhat is encompassed by Dinajpur on the North, Gaibandha and Bogra on the East and Naogaon on the South. It was transformed into a region in 1984 and has a range of 956.44 sqkm. Joypurhat has 1 police circle, 5 police headquarters - Joypurhat, Panchbibi, Khetlal, Akkelpur and Kalai, 2 police stations, 1 activity unit.

RRF, Rajshahi:

Extent Reserve Force (RRF), Rajshahi, under a 8.427 section of land of area, is one of the most established units of Bangladesh Police. It is arranged on the bank of the waterway Padma in Nabinagor mouza of Rajshahi area. Unit in control is Commandant (SP) and managed by the Range DIG Rajshahi. Essential obligation of this unit is to help metropolitan police and locale police in keeping up peace.

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