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Barisal Metropolitan Police

Barisal Range

Barishal Range comprisesof 6 regions to be specific Barishal, Bhola, Jhalokathi, Patuakhali, Pirojpur and Borguna. One Range Reserve Force (RRF) is likewise there in Barisal.

Barisal District:

In 1797, Bakerganj locale was built up. It was renamed as Barisal locale later. It is situated in the south-focal piece of Bangladesh having a zone of 2790 sq km. Barisal has a notoriety for bringing forth proficient children of Bengal. Some of these eminent and appreciated identities are Sher-E-bangla A. K FazlulHaque, artist Jibonanda Das, Begum Sufia Kamal, Shaheed Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir.

Barisal area has 10 police headquarters. They are Bakerganj, Babuganj, Banaripara, Ujirpur, Gournodi, Agouljhora, Hijla, Muladi, Mehendiganj and Kazirhut. Barisal area police has made truly a notoriety for themselves through their unflinching commitment towards law authorization. Their most noteworthy accomplishment however approached amid the most attempting snippet of the nation. In 1971, Barisal police reacted with awesome enthusiasm.They furnished with ammo from ordnance as well as demonstrated their patriotism by specifically joining the war exertion.

Barguna District:

Riverine Barguna turned into a locale under Barisal division on 28.02.1984, having Patuakhali on the east, Jhalokathi on the north, Pirojpur on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the southern west piece of the area. Barguna region police began its voyage with an aggregate number of 429 power, shaping 5 police headquarters - Barguna, Amtoli, Betagi, Bamna and Pathorgata, and a town station Sadarfari, two waterway stations - Kakohira, Chondoani and a police line. In 1990, another police headquarters was set up at Taltoli, one police station was framed at Gazipur under Amtoli PS in 2006. In 2008 another examination focus named Babugonj began working under the Sador police headquarters and a station named Ranipurbrizerhat under the Betagi police headquarters began to work under locale police.

Jhalokati District:

Jhalokati, confused by various waterways (Bishkhali, Sugondha, Dhansiri, Gabkhan, Jangalia and Bamanda) is an unmistakable region for its history and brilliance in different perspectives. The region was known as second kolkata of Bengal amid the British period. Jhalokathi having a territory of 758 sq km comprises of two pourashavas: Jhalokathi Pourasava and Nalchity Pourasava. It is well known for gamcha (shower towel), shitol patty and guava. Area police organization embodies region police HQ, DSB, four thanas, criminologist branch, police lines, activity unit, three examination focuses, four brief camps, a town station and other applicable units. The police headquarters are Jhalokati sadar, Nolsiti, Rajapur and kathalia.

Bhola District:

Bhola region, having a territory of 3403.48 sqkm, is known as the biggest seaward island in Bangladesh. When, it was a sub-division under Noakhali locale. It was moved up to the status of a locale in 1984. The region is encompassed by Laxmipur and Barisal area in the North, Bay-of-Bengal in the South, Laxmipur and Noakhali areas, Meghna (lower) stream and Shahbazpur Channel in the East, Patuakhali locale and Tentulia River in the West. It has 9 police headquarters: Bhola, Doulatkhan, Tajumaddin, Borhanuddin, Lalmohon, Charfashion, Shashibhushan, Dakshin Ayicha and Monpura.

Patuakhali District:

Patuakhali is arranged in the south-eastern piece of Bangladesh. It was transformed into a region from a sub-division of Bakergonj region in 1969. The delightful ocean shoreline, kuakata from where both sun rise and sun set can be watched, is on the southern piece of the locale. There are eight police headquarters: Patuakhali, Dumki, Mirzagonj, Bauphal, Dasmina, Golachipa, Kalapara, and Rangabali. They are gathered in two police circles- - Sadar and Kolapara. Patuakhali locale police assumed an imperative part amid the freedom war of Bangladesh.

Pirojpur District:

A south-western region situated in Barisal division, Pirojpur remains on the bank of Damodor River. As per legend, the second child of Shah Shuja, Firoz Shah passed on around there and the zone got to be referred to in this manner as 'Firozpur'. In time, the accentuation "Firozpur" gradually transformed to 'Pirojpur'. It was raised from sub-division of Barisal to the position of a locale in 1984. Prior to that it was a sub-division of Barisal locale since 1866. Pirojpur has created some magnificent educated people like Kabi Begum Sufia Kamal and Ahsan Habib. Pirojpur area police is partitioned into two circles; Sadar and Mathbaria circle. Pirojpur Sadar, Nazirpur, Nesarsbad, Kawkhali and Indurkani P.S structure the Sadar circle. Mathbaria hover then again is comprised of Bhandaria and Mathbaria P.S..In request to guarantee scope of the entire area, the Pirojpur locale police is separated itself into seven police headquarters. They likewise have two police faris (one town post, one out post), a police camp, a waterway out-post, a movement unit, two court police units (Sadar and Mathbaria), a criminologist branch, a unique branch and a unit of uncommon military.

Extent Reserve Force, Barisal:

Reach Reserve Force (RRF), Barisal began its capacity in 1993. RRF Barisal has no individual authoritative office. The works of the commandant's office and organization are going ahead in Technical Training Center's (TTC) building. RRF police staff's are in a matter of seconds working in 18 camps under 6 regions of the extent.

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