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Sylhet Metropolitan Police

Sylhet, the place where there is two leaves and a bud, favored with the Mazar of the two extraordinary sanctuaries named Hazrat Shahjalal (R.) and Hazrat Shahporan (R.) is the alluvial place where there is the stream Surma and numerous little slopes with tea greenhouses and normal woods having a tremendous vacationers attractions. To take care of up the expanding demand with respect to security issues of the tenants of Sylhet city and its suburb regions, Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) was shaped on 15 October 2006. 

The aggregate zone of SMP speaks the truth 518.43 sq, km including 27 wards of Sylhet City Corporation, 08 Unions of Sylhet Sadar and 10 Unions of South Surma Upazilla under Sylhet locale. SMP begins its office exercises from 26 October 2006 at Water Development Board rest house arranged in Naiorpul purpose of Sylhet City. A piece of the police sleeping quarters of Range Reserve Force (RRF), Sylhet has been changed as the police lines of SMP. SMP mandate, the second law of 2006; the Sylhet Metropolitan Police act 2009 distributed in 06th April 2009 implemented from fifteenth October 2006 are the legitimate premise of the unit. As indicated by the demonstration, SMP region is partitioned into six Police stations as Kotwali model, Jalalabad, Airport, South Surma, Moglabazar and Shahporan. As far as range it is greatest metropolitan police unit of Bangladesh.

At the beginning stage SMP begins its operation with two previous police headquarters of Sylhet District, in light of the fact that the new Area of Responsibility (AOR) was not endorsed for the recently settled six police headquarters. The new AOR getting all regulatory support of the legislature was distributed on tenth May 2011 and On 11August 2011, SMP begins its full quality operation through the initiation of redistributed AOR of 06 police headquarters of which there are four new Police Stations. 

In the authoritative structure, SMP has 01 Police Commissioner, 01 extra police official, 04 representative police chief, 02 extra agent police magistrate, 27 Senior colleague/collaborator police official and 42 police auditors posts.. In its structure SMP has four Divisions, as:
1.       Headquarter division
2.       Traffic, Riot, Protection and Supply division
3.       North wrongdoing division
4.       South wrongdoing division


Headquarter Division:

This division has taking after branches headed by a right hand police magistrate or senior partner police chief:
a) City Special Branch
b) Detective Branch
c) Accounts
d) Transport
e) grounds and welfare
f) Immigration
g) Force
h) Crime and information investigation
i) Reserve Office
j) Training
k) Prosecution

Movement, Riot, Protection and Supply Division

This division has the accompanying Branches headed by an Assistant police official or senior right hand police magistrate.
A) Traffic north zone
B) Traffic south zone
C) Supply
D) Protection and Protocol
E) Riot control


North Crime Division:

The accompanying units are working under this wrongdoing division.
a) Kotwali Model Police Station
b) Jalalabad Police Station
c) Airport Police Station
d) Patrol Units:
I) Amberkhana Police Outpost
II) Sobhanighat Police Outpost
III) Bondorbazar Police Outpost
IV) Lamabazar Police Outpost
V) Shiberbazar Police Outpost
VI) Shahjalal (R.) Mazar Investigation Center
VII) Osmani Medical Police Box
VIII) Pathantola Police Box
IX) Other Police Camps


South Crime Division:

The accompanying units are working under south division
A) South Surma Police Station
B) Moglabazar Police Station
C) Shahporan (R.) Police Station
D) Patrol Units:
I) South Surma Police Outpost
II) Kamalbazar Police Outpost
III) Shahporan (R.) Mazar Investigation Center
IV) Tilagodr Police Box
V) Lawai Police Box
VI) Other Police Camps


Sylhet Range

Sylhet Range embodies 4 locale specifically Sylhet,Habiganj,Moulvibazar and Sunamganj.It additionally incorporates RRF Sylhet.


Sylhet District:

In 1947 Sylhet turned into a piece of East Pakistan as a consequence of a submission (aside from the sub-division of Karimganj). The more prominent Sylhet was separated into four new locale viz Sylhet, Sunamganj, Habiganj and Maulvi Bazar in 1983-84. Tombs of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) and Shah Paran (R), Syed Osmani Bagdadi (R), Jinda Pir, Fakir Kanai Shah and Shitalang Shah are hallowed spots for Muslims in and abroad Bangladesh. In Sylhet, there are 11 police headquarters: Zakigonj, Kanaighat, Bianabazar, Jointiapur, Goinghat, Companigonj, Balagong, Osmaninagor,Bishanath, Golapgonj, and Fenchugong. There are three circles in the region, which are South, North and Zakigonj circles. It has four check posts, two examination focuses, a divisional police healing facility and an In-administration preparing focus under the initiative of Superintendent of Police. Amid freedom war, 8 (Eight) police faculty of diverse positions from this area were martyred.


Habiganj District:

Habiganj, having an aggregate territory of 2,636.58 sqare km, is a region under Sylhet Division and arranged in the north-eastern piece of Bangladesh. At present the adminitrative work of Habigonj region police is going ahead in 09 police headquarters, 03 examination focuses, 03 waterway side police camps, 02 town out posts, 05 out posts, 01 universal outskirt weigh post and 01 In-administration preparing focus. The police headquarters are Habiganj, Madhobpur, Chunarughat, Bahubol, Lakhaei, Nabiganj, Baniachang, Ajmeriganj and Shayestaganj.


Sunamganj District:

Sunamganj is the eighth biggest locale in Bangladesh. Zone of Sunamganj locale is 3,669.58 sqkm. There are 12 police headquarters: Sunamgonj Sadar, South Sunamgonj, Chatak, Jagannathpur, Doarabazar, Dhirai, Shalla, Tahirpur, Bishombhorpur, Jamalgonj, Moddhonagar, Dharmapasha under 02 circles.


Moulvibazar District:

In the year 1984 Moulovibazar subdivision was redesigned as a region. It is a region toward the North-East of Bangladesh. It is encompassed by Sylhet region in the north, Habigonj locale in the west and Assam and Tripura in the east and south separately. The principle waterway of the locale are the Manu, the Dholoi and the Juri which spill out of India. There are 07 police headquarters: Moulovibazar model thana, Sreemongol, Komolgonj, Rajnagar, Kulaura, Borolekha and Juri which are directed by two Circle ASPs.


RRF, Syhet:

Extent store power (RRF), Sylhet was built up in nineteenth December, 1995. Shortly RRF, Sylhet has 7 camps. It gives security to some essential KPIs like Bibiana Gas field at Habigonj and Kalapur Gas field at Srimangal, Moulovibazar. As RRF, Sylhet does not have its own particular premises,it is right now imparting the offices to the Sylhet region police. In 2011, a sum of 10.90 sections of land of area was given over to RRF, Sylhet to set up its own particular office and Barak at Lalabazer other than the Dhaka Sylhet roadway.

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