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The Bangladesh Army

The Bangladesh Army is the area powers branch and the biggest of the three formally dressed administration of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. The essential mission of the Army is to give important powers and capacities in backing of Bangladesh's security and guard systems including resistance of the country's regional respectability against outside assault. Control and operations are managed by the Department of the Army of the Armed Forces Division.[citation needed] The regular citizen head is the Prime Minister, who by law additionally holds the resistance service portfolio. Notwithstanding its essential mission the Bangladesh Army is additionally naturally committed to help the non-military personnel government amid times of national crisis. This part is generally alluded to as "help to common organization.


The populace of this area have made incalculable gives up over eras in an unending quest for opportunity. For them, freedom has been an article of confidence, profoundly instilled in their national mind. Amid the long extends of pioneer mastery, the Bengalees kept up their battle for freedom.

The pioneer rulers constantly saw the Bengalees with suspicion and repugnance. They could never acknowledge Bengalee young people inside of their military foundations. Be that as it may, now and again a couple would be enlisted for the most part in the lower ranks. Bengalee individuals from the Indian Armed Forces under the British standard showed an uncommon brand of gallantry and fortitude amid the First and Second World Wars.

After the allotment of India in 1947, the Pakistani powers started to demonstrate a comparable hostility and state of mind towards the Bengalee group, which made it to a great degree hard to create and manage a military legacy. Be that as it may, this baffling threatening vibe and skepticism of the Pakistanis did not hinder unbelievable exhibitions by the valiant and bold Bengalees. Indeed, even with a token vicinity in the Pakistan Army, the Bengalee officers made history by their praiseworthy mettle and valor in the IndoPak War of 1965.

The year 1971 saw the Bengalees in their finest wonderfulness. Albeit count­less number of individuals grasped affliction to free their Country, the year likewise saw incomprehensible demonstrations of boldness and valor, and in addition careful military arranging. The disgrace of 'a martially second rate race' that was so unjustifiably and vindictively connected to the Bengalees by the Pakistanis at long last vanished in a burst of radiance.

Bengalees demonstrated that in spite of the fact that they were peaceloving individuals, they could likewise ascend to shield themselves at whatever point there was an assault on them and take the battle to the foe's region. After autonomy, another adventure started with little yet beyond any doubt ventures to revamp the military foundations and a protection structure. It was a huge undertaking and an immense test to the competency of our organizers.

Without an in number establishment and foundation, a careful procedure to remake the aggregate base was initiated. The legacy that we acquired was one of chapter 11. Not a solitary Armor, Engineers, Signals, Ordnance, Supply and Transport of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering unit was in presence when the nation rose as a free country. There was no military organization other than the East Bengal Regimental Center where just the infantry troopers could be prepared.

Bangladesh Army has made some amazing progress from that point forward. Its change from an unexceptional substance to a believable protection mechanical assembly has not been without its offer of changes and attempting times. As an organization, the Army today is selfcontained, with huge possibilities to support development, extension and modernization in their totality. Each corps can gladly claim to have an organization they could call their own where men and officers alike are prepared in their particular exchange. Thinking back, one can take pride from the way that it was justified regardless of all the exertion and penance.

On the15th February 1948, the most superb part of our military history was started. On this day, the East Bengal Regiment was raised at Kurmitoia, Dhaka under the judicious initiative generally Major Abdul Ghani. This favorable event gave a personality that would maintain through all emergencies and produce pride in a large number of hearts for quite a long time to come. Two pioneer organizations of Bengali Muslims had earned wide praise for their courage amid the World War-II both in British India and abroad. Consequently, these two organizations established the framework of the East Bengal Regiment. This memorable regiment is presently one of the key organs of Bangladesh Army.

The brilliant part of this regiment may be ascribed to two noteworthy occasions of military history of this subcontinent. In an uncommon deed of fight ability to entertain, the fearless' tigers' of the regiment as they are famously called, delivered exceptional harm and setbacks on the Indian side in the IndoPak War of 1965. In acknowledgment of their penances, the 1 East Bengal Regiment was granted the most astounding number of heroism recompenses. The execution was just to be rehashed six years after the fact. Amid the War of Liberation in 1971, the same unit packed away the most elevated number of courage honors for their exceptional accomplishment. All in all, the regiment exceeded expectations itself with 2 out of 7 'Bir Srestho Padak' the most noteworthy military recompense of Bangladesh. An aggregate of 317 recompenses of distinctive benefits were additionally granted to different individuals from the regiment. Another breakthrough was included when an aggregate of 24 infantry units was deliberated with the National Standard for their commendable part in shielding sway and giving magnanimous support of the country.

Bengalee officers and troopers were an advantageous resource for the Armored Corps of Pakistan for their aptitude and proficiency. Amid the war of freedom in 1971, 2 officers, 6 Junior Commissioned Officers and 48 troopers of the Armored Corps grasped suffering. After autonomy, in 1972 the first Bengal Lancer was raised with the opportunity warriors and Bengalee officers of 29 Cavalry of the then Pakistan Army at Dhaka Cantonment. This is the first tank regiment of Bangladesh Army. The prerequisite of a present day protected corps required the formation of couple of more tank regiments accordingly changing over the heavily clad corps into an exceedingly able and dependable battle compel that it is today.

The core of Bangladesh Artillery Corps came to fruition amid the War of Liberation and started its trip on 22 July of that year. This power embodied opportunity cherishing young people, Bengalee officers and jawans of the then Pakistan Army. The Artillery batteries consistently gave backing to the opportunity warriors all through the Liberation War. The primary Artillery unit, called the 'Mujib Battery', assumed an excellent part amid the Liberation War. The unfaltering and relentless spirit of its faculty gave a definitive impulse to triumph. In acknowledgment of their boldness, patriotism and extreme give up, exactly 16 individuals from the corps were given courage grants of diverse benefits. On the whole, 121 individuals from this corps grasped affliction. The corps started its operation with six guns and one field battery amid the flexibility battle. Today, it is a power to figure with comprising of various units. The Regimental Center and School of the corps got the National Standard on the eighteenth of November 1982 as an image of trust set upon it in shielding our autonomy and sway.

The historical backdrop of the Corps of Engineers of Bangladesh Army goes back to the Bengal Sappers and Pioneers of British Imperial Army from where it started. The most noteworthy bravery recompense 'Bir Sreshtho' was after death granted to Captain Mohiuddin Jahnagir of this Corps. Amid the War of Liberation in 1971, practically 5 officers and 82 different positions grasped suffering for their nation. After the War of Liberation, the corps was redesigned and later extended. Designers have been assuming an indispensable part for the most recent decade in all circles of national exercises and in times of national crises like characteristic cataclysms and debacles of awesome extent.

Amid the season of revamping of the Bangladesh constrains in 1971, the Supreme Commander felt the need of rebuilding the sign units to suit the need of time. This brought about the development of sectorwise Brigade Signal Companies. At first three such organizations were constituted with signalers from Army, Navy, Air power and the then East Pakistan Rifles (right away Bangladesh Rifles). The recently conceived unit signal organizations were joined to the No 1, 2 and 8 divisions with force home office at Mujibnagar. From the season of autonomy, the Signal Corps has accomplished an honorable standard for its noteworthy part in all circles of military and national issues. The Signal Corps today has possessed the capacity to give guaranteed correspondence to the armed force through expert competency and with backing of value standard gear.

Armed force Service Corps had just a couple Bengalee officers and troops at the season of the Liberation War. Their interest even with such little quality in the flexibility battle is striking. The Army Service Corps initiated existence on 11 March 1972. At first it began off with a little number of officers, junior dispatched officers and different positions. On the other hand, caring administration of all positions empowered the corps to accomplish an exclusive expectation of execution and acknowledgment from all corners inside of a short compass of time. The corps has been composed and extended to meet the developing requests of the armed force.

A decent number of Bengalee officers and troops of the Pakistan Army restorative Corps effectively took part in the Liberation War. Almost 14 officers and 114 troops grasped suffering and enhanced the History of Medical Corps with radiance. The Directorate of Medical Services started to be amid the Liberation War at Mujibnagar. In 1973, the recently sorted out corps began extending with 224 officers and 1484 different positions. Gradually and slowly, a great number of little and enormous restorative foundations including field therapeutic units were raised. After it was redesigned in 1973, the Armed powers Institutes of Pathology and Transfusion began its work with full devotion. For its one of a kind and outstanding execution in medicinal science, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and Transfusion was recompensed the prestigious common honor Shadhinata Padak (Independence Medal) in 1987.

Notwithstanding constrained degree, individuals from the Ordnance Corps went past the honorable obligation to enlarge the quality of bleeding edge compels and battled courageously next to each other with different corps individuals. In the ballpark of 36 warriors grasped affliction in the Liberation battle. The statute Corps was made in charge of gathering all sporadic hardware and vehicles from distinctive parts of the nation to make the best utilization of their administrations.

List of formations of the Bangladesh Army

The following is the list of regional commands and formations of Bangladesh Army as of 2014.
1.     Army Headquarters, Dhaka Cantonment
            Logistics Area Command
            6th Independent Air Defence Artillery Brigade (Mirpur Cantonment)
            14th Independent Engineer Brigade
            46th Independent Infantry Brigade
            86th Independent Signals Brigade
            Army Aviation Group

2.     Savar Area Command, headquartered at Savar Cantonment
        9th Infantry Division HQ
            9th Artillery Brigade
            71st Infantry Brigade
            81st Infantry Brigade

3.     Cox's Bazar Area Command headquartered at Ramu Cantonment
        10th Infantry Division HQ
            10th Artillery Brigade
            97th Infantry Brigade
            23rd Field Regiment Artillery
            60th East Bengal Regiment
            66th Bangladesh Infantry Regiment

4.      Bogra Area Command, headquartered at Majhira Cantonment

        11th Infantry Division of BD Army.png 11th Infantry Division HQ
            11th Artillery Brigade (Janghirabad Cantonment)
            93rd Armoured Brigade
            111th Infantry Brigade

5.     Sylhet Area Command, headquartered at Jalalabad Cantonment
        17th Infantry Division HQ
            17th Artillery Brigade
            306th Infantry Brigade
            32nd Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
            33rd Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
            18th Field Regiment Artillery
            21st Engineers Battalion

6.     Ghatail Area Command, headquartered at Shahid Salahuddin Cantonment
        19th Infantry Division HQ
            19th Artillery Brigade
            309th Infantry Brigade
            77th Infantry Brigade (Mymensingh Cantonment)
            98th Composite Brigade (Jamuna Cantonment)

7.     Chittagong Area Command, headquartered at Chittagong Cantonment
        24th Infantry Division of BD Army.png 24th Infantry Division HQ
            24th Artillery Brigade (Guimara Cantonment)
            65th Infantry Brigade (Kaptai Cantonment)
            69th Infantry Brigade (Bandarban Cantonment)
            203rd Infantry Brigade (Khagrachari Cantonment)
            305th Infantry Brigade (Rangamati Cantonment)

8.     Comilla Area Command, headquartered at Comilla Cantonment
        33rd Infantry Division HQ
            33rd Artillery Regiment
            44th Infantry Brigade
            101st Infantry Brigade

9.     Jessore Area Command, headquartered at Jessore Cantonment
        55th Infantry Division of BD Army.png 55th Infantry Division HQ
            55th Artillery Brigade
            27th Infantry Brigade
            105th Infantry Brigade
            36th Armoured Brigade

10.                         Rangpur Area Command, headquartered at Rangpur Cantonment
        66th Infantry Division HQ
            66th Artillery Brigade
            16th Infantry Brigade
            72nd Infantry Brigade
            222nd Infantry Brigade (Saidpur Cantonment)

11.                        Army Training and Doctrine Command, (ARTDOC), headquartered at Mymensingh Cantonment.

Pay Scale

1.       2/Lt to Brig Gen.
Svc Yr
Lt Col 
Brig Gen
1st Yr

2nd Yr

3rd Yr


4th Yr


5th Yr


6th Yr


7th Yr


8th Yr


9th Yr


10th Yr


11th Yr


12th Yr


13th Yr


14th Yr


15th Yr


16th Yr


17th Yr


18th Yr

19th Yr

20th Yr

21st Yr

22nd Yr

23rd Yr

* Lowest Scale
** Highest Scale
2.       Maj Gen       :         40,000/- (Fixed).
3.       Lt Gen         :         42,000/- (Fixed).
4.       CAS.
          (a)     Maj Gen & Below Rank      :        40,000/- (Fixed).
          (b)     Lt Gen                            :         42,000/- (Fixed).
          (c)     Gen                                :         45,000/- (Fixed).

Ration Scale

Name of Items
483 gm
112 gm
85 gm
63 gm
07 gm
85 gm
14 gm

Liquid Milk
170 ml
Powder Milk
28 gm
Meat (Beef)
226 gm
Meat (Mutton)
226 gm
Meat (Chicken)
310 gm
Fish (River)
247 gm
04 Nos
56 gm everyday
141 gm
56 gm
113 gm


(i). Profession as an Officer

Bangladesh Army needs encouraging young fellows/ladies of right quality, instructive possibility and character characteristics for its Officers Corps. Armed force is a profession of honor and poise with testing authority. As an officer in the Bangladesh Army, you will be beneficiary to a superb custom. So you choose yourself. You have taking after choices:

·        BMA Long Course
·        BMA Special Course & Direct Short Service Commission
·        General Instruction - BMA Long Course New!
·        Want to be a Proud Officer of Bangladesh Army New!

(ii). BMA Long Course

This commission is the foundation of the Army furthermore the methods for typical section in the Corps of Officers. Points of interest for this sort of passage are:

·        Eligibility
·        Ineligibility
·        When to Apply
·        Collection of Application Form
·        Submission of Application
·        Selection Procedure
·        Training/Commission
·        Additional Opportunities

(iii). BMA Special Course & Direct Short Service Commission

'BMA Special Course' is material for the officers of Army Education Corps and 'Direct Short Service Commission' is pertinent for the officers of Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps, Remount Veterinary & Farm Corps and Army Education Corps (Jag Dept/Psychologist). Subtle elements for this kind of section are:

·        Eligibility
·        Ineligibility
·        When to Apply
·        Collection of Application Form
·        Filling up the Application Form
·        Selection Procedure
·        Training/Commission
·        Ante Date Seniority
·        Additional Opportunities


Enrollment in the Army is a typical procedure to get together battle necessity. Each male native, independent of rank, class or religion is qualified for enrollment in the armed force gave he meets the set down age instructive, physical and therapeutic necessity. Enlistment is done on quarterly premise by Headquarters Recruitment Unit/Branch Recruitment Unit/Area Recruitment Team and Training Centers.

(i). Qualification:-

·        Age. 17 to 19 years. Sworn statement is NOT acknowledged.
·        Physical Standard (Minimum)
·        Height : 1.68 Meter (5' - 6").
·        Weight : 49.90 Kg.
·        Chest : Normal 0.76 Meter. Extended 0.81 Meter.

(ii). Educational Qualification:-

Auxiliary School Certificate (SSC) Examination/Equivalents with least GPA-2/second Division. For Tradesman SSC/Equivalents with least GAP-1/third Division.
·        Marital Status. Unmarried.
·        Nationality. Bangladeshi by conception.
·        Swimming. Must know how to swim
·        Ineligibility

Withdrawn/Discharged from Army/Navy/Air Force or any Government benefit on any ground.

(iii). At the point when to apply:-

Enlistment calendar is reported through national dailies, Radio and TV promotion on quarterly premise. The opportunities are dispensed according to area. Persons intrigued to join armed force may answer to region enrollment venue according to plan with taking after archives:

·        4.5 x 4.5 size late shading photo.
·        Copy of every single instructive authentication and imprint sheets (scholastic transcript).
·        Nationality Certificate from Chairman Union Council/Chairman Pourashava/Word chief.
·        Consent endorsement from folks.
·        Children of serving/resigned Armed Forces work force and serving regular citizen of Armed Forces might straightforwardly answer to preparing fixates upon the arrival of the enlistment alongside obliged archives. They will however just be selected in the event that they satisfy set down standard.

(iv). Choice Procedure:-

·        Initial Screening. Starting screening incorporates checking of archives and preparatory medicinal test.
·        Written Examination. Applicants qualified in the beginning screening will show up before composed examination. The examination by and large contains addresses on Bangla, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge and bent test.
·        Final Medical Examination. Applicants qualified in composed examination will show up before last therapeutic examination.
·        Final Selection. Last choice will be made by the Recruiting Officer.

(v). Preparing:-

Enlisted people will experience preparing at distinctive focuses in light of their arms/administrations. On finish of preparing, enlisted people will be selected as "SAINIK" with impact from the date of joining in the focuses.

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